Trestle Pine Gunflint Old Growth Ash B

Trestle Pine Gunflint Old Growth Ash B
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  • Item #: TPK Guflint OG Ash B
  • Manufacturer: Trestle Pine Knives
  • Condition: New

Trestle Pine Knives Gunflint ~ Old Growth Ash Handle

  • CPM154 Wharncliffe Blade.  
  • Long Pull
  • Half Stop
  • Brass Bolsters, Pins, Liners, End Cap
  • 3.625' OAL Closed
  • 6.375" OAL Open
  • Wt Approx 2.1 oz

The Old Growth Wood is a product of logs that were harvested over 100 years ago.  This particular wood came from trees that had sunk, after being harvested, in lakes and rivers of Canada and the Northern US.  Some of this wood carbon dates to the 1300's and is highly prized by musical instrument makers and custom furniture builders for it's tight grain and high density.  It is a very unique wood product.

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