Swedish Fire Steel Army

Swedish Fire Steel Army
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  • Item #: Army
  • Manufacturer: Swedish Fire Steel
  • Condition: New

The Swedish Fire Steel Army model is a must have for any outdoorsman, survivalist, camper, hunter or anyone that might need to build a fire in the worst of conditions These are great and can be a real life saver.
The Army Model is the "full size" FireSteel that fits many of the current knife sheaths that feature a pocket for the FireSteels.
They'll work wet and throw a 5500 degree farenheit spark.
Great to ignite the fuel in a camping stove in rain or snow. The perfect size to keep in the glove box, tackle box, back pack or pocket.  Don't go outdoors without one!!!

TSA Knives, is a distributor for the Swedish FireSteels, Grandpa's Fireforks and Swiss Spice containers.


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