DG Firesteel Leather Belt Pouch

DG Firesteel Leather Belt Pouch
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  • Item #: DG Firesteel Pouch
  • Manufacturer: Knife Leather Traditions
  • Condition: New

The Swedish Fire Steel Army model has become one of the most popular fire starters carried by outdoorsman.  One of the problems has been a convenient yet flexible method of carrying it with you.  In collaboration of Knife Leather Traditions, we're offering the best solution yet.

The DG Pouch gives you the option to carry your FireSteel in a handy belt pouch that has room for your FireSteel, some Tinder and even a few small pieces of kindling. 

Knife Leather Traditions also makes the sheaths TSA Knives sells for the Great Eastern Knives and has quickly built a reputation as a maker a very high quality leather products.  All of Dave's products are made one at a time by hand to deliver years of service.

These come in natural, undyed tan leather with approximately 4' of Paracord for lashing.  You purchase just the pouch or it can be ordered with a complete fire starting kit. 

The Pouch Kit will come with the Pouch, a genuine Swedish "Army" size FireSteel, Cotton and a piece of Jute for tinder, PLUS a couple of small sticks of Fatwood to heat things up.  Oh yeah, and approximately 4' of Paracord. 


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