C&S Cutlery "Knax" VERY RARE!

C&S Cutlery "Knax" VERY RARE!
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  • Item #: C&S Cutlery Knax
  • Manufacturer: C&S Cutlery
  • Condition: Used

Very Rare C&S Cutlery "Knax"

The company had a very brief life in the 1980's with an attempt to build the ultimate survival tool.  The Knax is a combination Knife and axe.  Weighing 1# 10 oz it measures 12" tip to butt.  The handle appears to be a metal composite material that was painted.  On the top edge of the blade their is an anvil type surface for batoning or splitting bone.   Blade edge is convex ground.  It's been used but the blade is in excellent condition. This was truly meant for heavy duty use.

The previous owner made a sheath which is about as heavy duty as the Knax.  Double stitched with brass rivets, the sheath also has a pouch with a snap closure to hold a stone (included).  Nicely done.

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