Edge Pro Sharpening System

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Edge Pro Apex Sharpening Kit Edge Pro Blanks Edge Pro Diamond Stone
Edge Pro Apex Sharpening KitEdge Pro BlanksEdge Pro Diamond Stone

The Edge Pro Sharpener is one of the simplest and accurate sharpeners money can buy!  Ships FREE To the US

The blanks are required to mount the polishing tape. There are two styles, an aluminum model and a glass topped model for the ultimate flat surface. Polish tape blanks are made of aluminum and are to be used with polish tapes for creating a...

Use our fine diamond stones for achieving a fine edge on ceramic blades. Not recommended for use on steel blades . The mounted stone can quickly snap into your Edge Pro sharpening system without special tools.




Edge Pro Mounted Water Stone Edge Pro Polishing Tape Edge Pro Small Knife Attachment
Edge Pro Mounted Water StoneEdge Pro Polishing TapeEdge Pro Small Knife Attachment

Extra Edge Pro stones for precision results

 Edge Pro Polishing Tapes for Precision Finishing

Ideal for sharpening smaller knives on the EdgePro Apex system.