Cattaraugus 12919 King of the Woods "Yukon" RARE

Cattaraugus 12919 King of the Woods "Yukon" RARE
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  • Item #: Cattaraugus "Yukon"
  • Manufacturer: Cattaraugus
  • Condition: New

This is a very rare Cattaraugus King of the Woods "Yukon".  Condition is excellent for a knife of this vintage.

  • 5.25" OAL Closed
  • Worm Groove jigged bone show very little wear.  There is a hairline pin fracture just above the bolster end which is barely visible without a glass.
  • "King of the Woods" etch is weak but visible
  • Tang stamps are clear and sharp
  • Blade has EXCELLENT walk and talk, no lateral or vertical play when open
  • Edge is in A+ Condition with 99% of the original blade still there
  • There is a small hole in the bolster approximately .125" from the end that goes all the way through.  It does not affect the knife but I have no idea what the purpose may have been.  I do NOT believe it is original to the knife.
  • On the back of the blade, the initials W.J.M.are very lightly etched in neat cursive letters approximately .25" tall.  I've owned this knife for several years and only recently noticed them.

Overall this is a great example of a very difficult to find knife. 

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